Mastering Physics Solutions: Resolving Pixels on a Computer Screen

Resolving Pixels on a Computer Screen

Part A = d = 3.10 mm
Part B = d = 1660 m

Solution Below:

A standard 14.16-inch (0.360-meter) computer monitor is 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels tall. Each pixel is a square approximately 281 micrometers on each side. Up close, you can see the individual pixels, but from a distance they appear to blend together and form the image on the screen.

Part A

If the maximum distance between the screen and your eyes at which you can just barely resolve two adjacent pixels is 1.30 meters, what is the effective diameter d of your pupil? Assume that the resolvability is diffraction-limited. Furthermore, use λ = 550 nanometers as a characteristic optical wavelength.
Express your answer in millimeters to three significant figures.

d = 3.10 mm

Part B

Assuming the screen looks sufficiently bright, at what distance can you no longer resolve two pixels on diagonally opposite corners of the screen, so that the entire screen looks like a single spot? Note that the size (0.360 meters) quoted for a monitor is the length of the diagonal.
Express your answer in meters to three significant figures.

d = 1660 m

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