Mastering Physics Solutions: Question 4.12

Mastering Physics Solutions: Question 4.12

On January 14, 2012, in Chapter 04: Force and Motion, by Mastering Physics Solutions

Question 4.12

Part A = Only with constant forces.

Solution Below:

Part A

The kinematic equation x = x0 + V0t + 1/2at2 can be used:

  • Only with constant velocities.
  • Only with constant forces.
  • With variable accelerations.
  • All of the preceding

The equation includes acceleration so option A is wrong. Option C is wrong because the equation only includes constant acceleration, ‘a’. Since choices A and C are wrong, choice D is also wrong. Option B is correct though because F = ma and the equation includes ‘a’. As long as the force is constant, acceleration will also be constant. Therefore:

Only with constant forces.

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