Mastering Physics Solutions: Current Sheet

Mastering Physics Solutions: Current Sheet

On February 23, 2013, in Chapter 19: Magnetism, by Mastering Physics Solutions

Current Sheet

Part A = See the screenshot

Solutions Below:

Consider an infinite sheet of parallel wires. The sheet lies in the xy plane. A current l runs in the -y direction through each wire. There are N/a wires per unit length in the x direction.

Part A

Write an expression for B(d),the magnetic field a distance d above the xy plane of the sheet.
Use μ0 for the permeability of free space.

Express the magnetic field as a vector in terms of any or all of the following: d, I, N, a, μ0, and the unit vectors x, y, and/or z.

Use the formula in the screenshot below:

See screenshot

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2 Responses to Mastering Physics Solutions: Current Sheet

  1. Suzanne says:

    Whoever is the owner of this website, you are amazingggg!! I don’t know if it’s a team or just one person, but you guys should really have an “about me” page! All your hard work putting up these solutions have been highly appreciated, and I really want to know who to thank!! I especially like how you guys have a little explanation beside each step you do, it makes Mastering Physics much easier to understand. Thanks again! :D

    • Mastering Physics Solutions says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comment! We’re former physics students that got the idea of putting this site together because of how confusing MasteringPhysics is! It was a lot of work in the beginning, but now we just try to add a couple of new problems a month. As long as people are finding this site helpful, we are happy to do it!

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